Welcome to the most innovative

drapery track in the industry. 

The Silent Trac is the premier track drapery option and will be available to select dealers starting in Fall of 2019. This track drapery system has been thoughtfully designed to enhance the aesthetic of drapery through innovations in fascia, brackets, and motor profile, while simultaneously creating a system easier for installers to mount and program.

All standard options are available, including single and dual, as well as both Pinch Pleat and Ripplefold. In addition to these standard options, Current Products Corp. has developed a new system to create a Ripplefold look using a standard, pinned, flat panel curtain. In addition to standard fullness options (string spacing), by allowing for alternative pin spacing, Pin Ripple provides the option for infinitely varied fullnesses to fully utilize curtains, and eliminate any stack back completely in the full closed position.


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