Carriers and carrier arms


Traditional Carriers

Traditional carriers for pinch pleat and Ripplefold curtains are available as sliders or rollers.

Ripplefold carriers are available with strings in fullnesses of 60%, 80%, 100%, and 120%.

Pin ripple Carriers

In addition to the standard carrier options, we offer a proprietary carrier designed to create a Ripplefold appearance with a standard pinned, off the shelf flat panel drapery, eliminating the need for snap tape and buckram. Pin Ripple carriers can be used as standard sliders or rollers, connected in standard distances of 2.625 (60%), 2.375 (80%), 2.125 (100%), and 1.875 (120%).

Standard and odd panel widths can be used to achieve a uniform look throughout the curtain by adjusting pin spacing based on panel width and track length.  In addition to the ability to have a pinned Ripple design, the bottom feature on the carrier allows for standard Pinch Pleat installation when the carriers are separated from the snap string.

Pin Ripple String.png

Carrier Arms

Available carrier arms include options for Pinch Pleat, Ripplefold, and Pin Ripple, in center and side draw. Pin Ripple carriers are new, patent pending carriers aimed to achieve a Ripplefold drapery look via simpler fabrication at a lower cost.

Each carrier arm is available in configurations without a baton, with a front baton, and with a back baton.

Pinch Pleat arms

  Slim Pinch Pleat Center Draw

Traditional Pinch Pleat Center Draw

Slim Pinch Pleat Side Draw

Traditional Pinch Pleat Side Draw

Wrap Around Pinch Pleat Side Draw

Ripple Fold arms

Continuous Ripplefold Center Draw

Traditional Ripplefold Center Draw

Wrap Around Ripplefold Side Draw

Traditional Ripplefold Side Draw

Revolutionary  Pin Ripple arms

Continuous Pin Ripple Center Draw

Wrap Around Pin Ripple Side Draw