Control Options

Handheld Remote

dog bone remote.JPG

The ergonomic remote control can be used for both single and dual curtains. The magnetic back of the remote allows for placement on any magnetic surface.  Included is an adhesive backed wall plate with optional nails.

On single curtains the lower two buttons become presets to 1/3rd and 2/3rd intermediate positions.

For partial open and close, a continuous press of the open or close buttons will stop the curtain with the release of the button.

Alternatively, a momentary press of a close or open button can be followed by another momentary press to stop the curtain movement.

Current touch remote.JPG

Current Touch Remote (capacitive touch)

The patent pending Current Touch FM and Zigbee remotes offer a unique and versatile control experience of Current Products Corp. motorized drapery products. These coin cell battery powered remotes respond to a light touch or finger glide across the control bar. The control bar simulates the daylight opening of the window so that one touch will move the curtain to the exact desired location.


Phone App

The CPC Zigbee bridge provides Current Products Corp. Zigbee device users the ability to use the phone app, and to integrate into a variety of other wireless smart home ecosystems where a Zigbee bridge does not currently exist.  When paired with the bridge, the Silent Trac can be controlled via smart phone application, in which users can control individual devices, create and control groups, set schedules, and create and initiate scenes.

Google Home.png

Voice & Integrations

With the Zigbee Silent Trac, users have the ability to integrate into either or both the Amazon Echo platform and the Google Home platform. If a user has an Amazon Echo Plus, they can connect the Zigbee Current Products Corp. device directly to the Amazon Echo Plus’ integrated Zigbee hub without the need for the Current Products Corp. bridge.  With the Current Products Corp. bridge, users gain access to the smart phone application and can use the Alexa or Google Home skill to enable voice control.