We offer five different fascia variations that snap onto our track using our proprietary fascia clip: two aluminum extrusions in 1.5” and 3.0” and three fabric covered plastic extrusions in 4”, 7”, and 11”.



Clips snap into the features on the top of the track for a secure connection. This system eliminates the need for additional brackets, and makes for an easier installation than a traditional fascia or valance system.










Plumb adjustable fascia clips for the 3", 4", 7", and 11" are available in two protrusion lengths, and a fixed clip is available for the 1.5" fascia.


Fabric Finishes (4", 7" and 11")

Aluminum Finishes (1.5" and 3" )

fascia finishes.png



Light Almond



Matte Black


Anodized Silver