FEATUREs and benefits

Ultra Quiet Motor Operation 

Operating at the same noise level as a quiet room with no talking, the Silent Trac is a truly silent option.

“Curtain saver” obstruction sensing

The Silent Trac includes a feature for obstruction detection.  For example, if the curtain is held while moving, the motor will stop before any damage occurs to the curtain.

Integrated, bracketless fascia system

Most other fascia systems require additional brackets for mounting, but the Silent Trac fascia system is integrated into the track itself, using clips that snap into the top groove of the track. Aluminum and fabric covered fascia are available in multiple sizes.


Variety of Control Methods

Control methods include manual control, pendant control, Smart Assist, handheld remote control, Current Touch capacitive touch) remote control,sensor control (with Sensor Box), phone app control,voice control, and third party integration.

Dual System only requires one smart motor

In dual applications, only one control board is needed. When a Sensor Box is installed, only secondary motors are needed. When a Sensor Box is not present, the primary motor is installed on the window side track and the secondary motor is installed on the room side track.  Only one power supply is needed in dual applications.

Innovative design improvements

Innovative design improvements to a standard drapery track set the Silent Trac apart. Design improvements include Pin Ripple Carriers,Continuous Ripple Ripplefold Carrier Arms, and Slim Pinch Pleat Carrier Arms.   

Control groups of drapery

Grouping is available in applications where the Sensor Box is installed. In a group, moving one curtain manually, by pendant activation, or by using Smart Assist will send each curtain in the group to that approximate position.

Various power options

Power options include Alkaline, Lithium Ion, Low Voltage Wall Plug, and Hardwire. Power supplies are housed in the Pendant, and are interchangeable.